The Story of the POC and Oscar the House!

So we started camping on a section of land that was nicely given to us by my parents. It is by the water, away from “others”, so we will not disturb ppl who get tired of big fires, super loud people, music and kids. You know, the other people in a regular campground. They didn’t like us so much!!  So we moved to where we don’t disturb anyone, and I no long have to tell ppl to “go place one anatomy part into another one you have”, but not so politely under my breath……HAHAHA! Like I would ever talk under my breath!!

One night camping in 2013, we were sitting by the fire and  chit chatting about how awesome the campground was.  Suddenly, a cool breeze started up and we started talking about how windy it can get at times. After a short 4 hours of deliberation, in our fantastic “drink induced” state, we decided we needed to construct a castle!!! Oh how great our minds are at times, I think it even had a tower for some Princess reason.

I'm going to take a Dog nap here, Its like a Cat nap but longer and i snore!
I’m going to take a Dog nap here, Its like a Cat nap but longer and I snore!

The next morning, once sober and rested, we actually discussed creating a small 12′ x 15′ or so structure out of pallets (upcycling). It’s a great idea to recycle/reuse garbage that would get tossed into a landfill somewhere. Thus, I started on my quest to find out everything I can about pallets: where I can find them, how to deconstruct them, how to reuse, how to order, sizes, etc.….ok, like everything I could!! (I’m crazy like that, so if you want to know anything about pallets, please ask!!!)

After discussing a build with the resident professional (My Dad) and submitted my application for development to Administration (My Mom),  a plan for a pallet structure started.

So this is the story of The Parry Oasis Campground, aka: POC… (Secretly, to me, “Proof of Concept”) and Oscar the House!!


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